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Ruth Dick: Seeing Beauty Through the Eyes of an inquisitive Photographer

May 3, 2021

Ruth Dick,53, is a very talented artist photographer based in Ottawa. She spent ten years studying and teaching philosophy, then became a federal crown. She suspended her law practice to be home with her kids, and during that time she picked up a camera. She goes out and take pictures nearly every day, and she is currently preparing an ongoing series of portraits for a solo show, for when the pandemic at last permits her to show again.

Her favourite thing to do is collaborate with artists from other mediums, such as clothing designers. She has worked with Paddye Mann, a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, on a book for them, as well as designer Muriel Dombret, on a combined collection/ photo exhibition

Her work is held in private collections in Canada, the US, Europe and the UK. She is involved in the online photo collectives Foto: RE and The Covert Collective, which brings together curators and artists from across Canada.

Let's discover this amazing artist photographer!

To see Ruth's work

Instagram @photos_uncurated

Ruth Dick Photography


Useful links

Work of Muriel Dombret ( Clothes)

Work of Paddye Mann Clothing

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Exhibit of philosopher & photographer Simon Blackburn

Visual Art - curator Stephen Ellcock’s pages: Ellcock


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